Encounter, a bite-sized puzzle/RPG

Encounter (browser, Flash) is a bite-sized puzzle/RPG with a whole bunch of depth to its simple-seeming gameplay. Japanese only, though the rules are largely intuitive.

I haven’t necessarily figured out all the nuances here, but note that there appears to be no maximum HP value despite the bar graph’s suggestion to the contrary. Success is definitely dependent upon raising your health far above the initial value.

Also of note: the powers in the upper-right corner are clickable and do not use up a turn. The powers along the bottom are passive traits, defining special results of matching certain types of figures.

  1. I got to the very last battle (I think) but couldn’t beat the last boss. A tip regarding upgrades: the “stun” upgrade is key, as is at least one of the healing boosts.

  2. oh that “I think” is because I was on the “final stage” and at battle 50. Maybe there would have been stuff after that, I dunno.

  3. There is one enemy in an earlier stage (fight 20something?) that does some kind of crazy damage multiplier buff to the other guys. If you don’t notice who it is and take them out first, they can wreck you way before you get to the ending. My guess would be its a spellcaster/non-healer. So, um, prioritize those guys I guess.

  4. I think the damage multipliers are the ones carrying torches.

    And I got through to the end (indeed, it’s battle 50) without stun, but I did have the shield (“block”?) powerup (blue + priest). I probably didn’t play with maximum efficiency, as only four-of-a-kind matches were really worth it against the self-healing end boss, but I had enough health to just wait it out in the hope that he wouldn’t transmogrify one of the figures I was trying to align. (It helped that the shield also blocks the transmogrify power.)

  5. interesting. I haven’t got back to the end boss successfully after another few tries, so I reckon maybe luck is a higher factor than I originally anticipated. I prefer stun over block because you can target the stun and it will prevent healing and buffing, but of course block will protect you from multiple guys per turn if you have enough of them.

  6. ok obsession over. finally made it (and extra stages up to fight 60).
    I found the party upgrade to be pretty good because it lets you stack things like stun and block on top of it.

  7. so…guess it goes to 65/66. Which I did.
    Once I figured out a strategy that works for me it is pretty repeatable.
    Party + Divine + Stun + Charge + Block + All Out Attack + Extra Attack on Combo (which is one you only get 1 chance to get incidentally).
    Basically grab all the combos that are 2 different guys to produce an effect, so that when you hit a party, you hit ALL of the other combos.
    It means you only need to hit 2 sparkly boosted parties (not even full boost, 2 of 4 guys sparkly twice is enough I think) before you can use the redeal and boost power ups again. When a party doesn’t show up, pick the worst target and stun them and rely on banked blocks and/or health to weather the other dudes.

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