1. Whoa, I don’t know if one is supposed to be able to access this so easily, but if you look at the javascript source file there’s a significant amount of behing-the-scenes commentary (commented out, naturally). I’ve only just started browsing through it…

  2. Yeah, there’s something really earnest and poignant about it, like you’re reading someone’s diary or something:

    Most of the time, my father doesn’t seem too interested in anything. I always see him running around from place to place, doing a lot as though it were all important -but all of it seeming completely mundane from my (admittedly limited) perspective. I tend to wonder whether we’re the same species. He’s never played videogames; for that matter, he doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about art or entertainment in general. But every now and then, he’ll show some potential for passion. Generally this involves the TV show “The Amazing Race”, which he talks about with such socially-oblivious excitement that it makes me feel like we’re related after all. That is the one and only TV show he watches, and he watches it religiously with my mother, who probably wouldn’t care if she never saw it again but lets herself get invested for his benefit. Something about my father being so interested in a TV show does not compute in my mind, but I’m not complaining. When he takes some flimsy excuse to bring up the show, I feel like maybe on some level he can relate to me. But maybe not – I don’t know how aware he is of how he acts when it comes to that series. He wishes he could be one of those people, travelling the world and showing off all the ordinary skills he might have acquired in a lifetime. It’s never going to happen, if only for the religious issues. Which means he spends some of his time in a fantasy world, just like me.

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