1. I really really really hope they hold off on the RMAH. Or, failing that, allow me to permanently opt out of it.

  2. apoch said : allow me to permanently opt out of it

    You can. Never using it is the best opt-out that exists. You don’t want to play with people who would rather spend money than time and effort to achieve success in a game? Don’t. I know I won’t – that shit’s immoral, brother/sister. Fortunately, I don’t have to. I’m not being forced to play with anyone and I can feel superior to whomever I like without needing the RMAH to not exist (and do, la-dee-da).
    There’s nothing wrong with the attitude, but the idea, that ‘someone, somewhere is doing something I approve of and it needs to be stopped’ is really creepily close to a lot of social issues, issues that I (fruitlessly) think a lot about and play video games to escape from. Similarly, if you don’t like Diablo III, don’t have one.

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