Day Zero: Greatest Zombie Game Ever?

Is the greatest zombie-themed game ever a mod? Rockpapershotgun, PCGamer and Kotaku think it just might be. Day Zero is a an open-world co-op permadeath zombie survival game set in the 235 square kilometer world of Arma 2. A comprehensive primer is available on the Something Awful forums (membership may be required for that link), and you can grab a copy of the work in progress here.

  1. There’s also an uneasy feeling here, because once you start playing, you understand exactly why it has captured our imaginations. It makes you wonder why it took this long to happen. It’s almost too obvious. And consequently this is already the most intense, evocative, and interesting game I’ve played in 2012. If this year can offer up a more potent and affecting game experience before it closes, then I will be amazed, and blessed.

  2. I considered coming here just to post part 2 of the RPS Day Z thing. The vignette at the end was awesome. BUT GAMES CAN’T BE ART HURRRR

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