Turning down Zynga

Turning down Zynga: Why I left after the $210M Omgpop buy.

“An evil company is trying to get rich quick, and has no regard for the harm they’re doing along the way. It’s not making things of value, it’s chasing a gold rush. An evil game company isn’t really interested in making games, it’s too busy playing a game — a game with the stock market, usually. It views players as weak-minded cash cows; and it views its developers as expendable, replaceable tools to create the machines that milk those cows.”

  1. Zynga’s business model isn’t unique, they just happen to be very good at it and social games are still kind of a wild west where companies such as them can get away with making poor copies of other games and be wildly successful. I hope that we will start seeing quality games that appeal to that market that will draw away their customers and force them to adjust their business models in order to be competitive.

  2. The comment thread below the article is worth reading. There are some quite thought-out and informative notes from other developers, and an informal reply from a Zynga representative.

  3. Yeah, I always thought that the whole “Prior creations” thing was a pretty common thing when you went to go work for a corporation. I’m amazed that their HR/hiring person didn’t even mention this once. I do kinda feel for the guy who posted in the comments, though. It can’t be fun to hear your employer referred to as evil on all kinds of different sites.

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