1. I think breaking into any nominally creative field can be difficult, but maybe especially a field related to mass media (tv, film, videogames, etc.) where there are a lot of hopefuls whose primary interest may not be the work itself (writing/journalism, in this case) but rather a love — as a fan — of the medium (games).

    I imagine games journalism may represent a special case, however, since on the surface it might appear to require no special skillset beyond a facility with one’s native language and an outsider’s knowledge of this thing you’ve grown up immersed in. You don’t even need to invest in any specialized equipment.

    Brendan Keogh’s earlier response is worth taking a look at for one games writer’s path to professionalism.

    As a separate note, I bet breaking into games writing on the internet was a lot easier even five or seven years ago, when it was much less clear that such a path could lead to a sustainable job.

    As a final note, it appears from reports out of GDC that Leigh Alexander is a journalistic prodigy, filing full length (and well-crafted) reports within minutes after the end of each conference session.

  2. This was interesting! I have writerly ambitions, but they all revolve around fiction, so I’m seeing this from off to the side a bit. It’s nice to see someone acknowledge that luck does play a part in things, though.

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