1. I played both games very late, resisting ME1 for quite a while because while it was heralded for being so cinematic at the time of its release, the brief bit I watched someone play showed a terrible disregard for film editing conventions (every cut was a ‘straight-edit’ — watch person 1 say their line, cut to person 2, then watch person 2 say their line; this was greatly corrected in ME2). So, probably a bit unfairly, I scoffed at the whole endeavor, eventually picking it up once ME2 had been out for a while and after hearing ME1 was worth playing despite its flaws because ME2 was so damn good.

    By that time, however, I don’t think I recognized any of these plot holes, as I was so distracted by ME2 cutting out any sense of exploration (no maps during missions is sad, especially when it’s because they’d almost all be a straight line).

    So…my excitement level for the third is pretty minimal. It is thus nice to have these feelings validated from another angle here.

  2. I’ve posted about the Mass Effect franchise enough times, that the impression would have to be that I loved the games, but.

    I played about an hour of ME1, couldn’t figure out the appeal, and never went back.

    I played ME2 for a few hours, I think, and the better shooting was pretty fun, but I lost interest in the endless talking and haven’t gone back.

    I don’t expect to feel all that different ME3.

    I’m not sure why they never clicked for me. I was a massive SF geek when I was a kid, I’m not a huge roleplaying gamer, but I’m down for Elder Scrolls games and such, and the fact that they amped up the shootingness in ME2 should have appealed to my love of FPS gaming.


  3. It keeps confusing me whenever the author refers to Shepard as “he.”

  4. stavrosthewonderchicken said : I’m not sure why they never clicked for me. I was a massive SF geek when I was a kid […]

    I’m not the biggest fan of the series but I did enjoy them both: ME1 for attempting a grand space-opera CRPG (and not entirely succeeding) and ME2 as a neat heist-movie-in-spaaaaaaaace cover talk-’em-up with occasional shooting. While playing ME2, I tried to divest myself of memories from ME1 because when I mapped my expectations from the first onto the second it just didn’t work.

    They were fun for the characters and the world building. As someone who read and reads far too much SF, much of the plot and setting weren’t particularly novel (pun intended) — the themes retread those of popular written works from the last 30 years. But that’s the written word: to see this stuff on the big/small screen — that was new! That was fun! Not groundbreaking, as some people seem to think, but definitely fun.

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