The film is intended as an illustration of a portion of the lecture "Design Reboot", delivered by {REDACTED} videogame creator & outspoken critic Jonathan Blow. In the lecture, Blow identifies what he thinks is the unique expressive power of videogames, and he then describes the ethical dilemmas that occur when this power is misused by a {REDACTED} videogame industry.

  1. Oh, man, I do like Superbrothers’ style.

    I also like Jonathan Blow’s way of thinking about things (and I think it’s unfortunate that the ideas in the second link’s lecture video on games’ capacity for unique expression [delivered in 2007] led to what I think was a sort of seriousness-envy that compelled him to include some of the mildly embarrassing text pop-ups in between Braid levels. Focusing solely on the gameplay and level design itself, however, I think Braid lives up to his ideals here, at least as well as anyone else is doing, minus some other outliers I guess.)

    In any case, focusing solely on the bit excerpted by the first link’s animated video, thinking about game rules as providing a ‘meaning of life’ for that game seems like a fruitful avenue of discussion.

    (Though it’s probably worth pointing out that his critique is possibly sidestepped completely by competitive multiplayer games? He opens the second link’s lecture with a quote from a NYTimes writer who wants to see games include some of film’s variations in arc, specifically disappointment and failure, as opposed to the grindy follow-the-rules/instructions-until-you-win structure described by the first link.)

  2. This is great stuff.

    (Gamefilter is great, too. Since just about all my interesting game-related reading comes via GF, I’ve had nothing to contribute, but I’m glad it’s here and that it’s picking up again lately.)

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