1. This is very, very good, and such a simple concept. Note that it’s by Terry Cavanaugh, of the excellent (and rightfully well-known) gravity-platformer VVVVVV. So far I’ve gotten to “Square” (round 4). It seems the first trick to learn as a player is about focusing on the background shading so you can trick your brain into ignoring the full-screen rotation, which, it turns out, is just an aesthetic choice and doesn’t really affect the gameplay (besides being a distraction to your perceived sense of movement precision).

    Some very smart choices:

    1) You achieve a level and the title screen makes it feel like it adheres to you after restarting (this despite the fact that I believe you’re actually starting over each time in terms of progression, which range of random obstacles will show up after x number of seconds from gamestart, etc. I might be wrong about this, but without clearing my progress I can’t check how early spirals, for example, were willing to show up in early rounds.)

    2) It takes zero seconds to restart (as in VVVVVV), and while it might at first seem like the music is restarting each time, once you play enough to get to the chorus/bridge, you’ll notice that while the music pauses for the brief bit of time between losing and hitting space to try again, it’s picking up more or less where you left off. This goes a long way towards keeping the music from getting on your nerves through shear repetition. (I like the music, too.)

    It looks like he also released a little game called Harmonilr this weekend. This one I was about to give up on ever figuring out what the win-condition might be (little to no feedback from the game to point you on your way), when I just started to mess around a bit for fun. I now think it’s clear what the win-condition is, but without having achieved it yet I can’t be sure. (I don’t think the game acknowledges anything other than complete success).

  2. (oops. misspelled name: Terry Cavanagh.)

  3. I got “Harmonilr” to tell me “yes” and do nothing further that I could discern. I guess maybe I won…

  4. Man, if ever a game needed a Tempest-style control-knob, it’s this one.

  5. On the other hand, it seems like the controls have been tuned so that holding down an arrow key will turn you at the exact speed necessary to get you through the spiral portions, assuming you can train yourself not to anticipate and start moving too soon.

  6. I think I’m blind

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