Minesweeper + Tetris = TETRiSweeper

Minesweeper + Tetris = TETRiSweeper. I had assumed this would be novel, but not particularly engaging. Or engaging, but not particularly engrossing. It looks like I was wrong.

Click to reveal a square. Shift-click to flag a square as unsafe. WASD to control the falling Tetris pieces as they add themselves to the Minesweeper board. The only way to clear a row is to reveal/flag all of that row's squares, assuming you didn't mess up your Tetris stacking and leave the row unfinished to begin with. The game ends when you accidentally uncover a mine or allow the Tetris pieces to reach the top.

The rules leave open a whole bunch of different strategies to discover, many of which are limited by your ability to pay attention to multiple parts of the board simultaneously.

My high score thus far is 19,255 in Original mode, Normal difficulty. I haven’t tried the other variations.

  1. I’ll keep track of my high score here, because why not? 288,428 (I’ve switched to ‘semi-hard’ difficulty because the games don’t last quite as long. The main difference is that new rows appearing from the bottom now are not always complete rows and so you have to dig down to fill them in).

  2. I hope I’m not abusing the forum: 330,013. I need to stop playing; I have work to do.

  3. One week later, I’m still playing this occasionally: 392,690.

  4. This would be a decent way of sending someone secret instructions.

  5. Moved on to hard mode, whose scores don’t seem to be balanced with the others the way Semi-hard felt like a progression from Normal.

    Hard mode high score so far: 379,808.

  6. Getting the hang of it. Hard mode: 629,359.

  7. Hard mode: 692,115.

    This game is elegant in so many ways. You have to start remembering what the mine count is to see by how much it’s changed when the next piece drops, and then making logical deductions based on that and which numbers have just changed adjacent to the new piece. Sometimes you get lucky and can determine that an entire new row on the bottom of the screen must be completely safe to click on (quickly). At the moment I still just register when a square’s number has changed, not by how much (unless focusing on that square alone). Still room to grow. Hard mode is satisfyingly hard.

  8. An unfortunate thing about the higher levels, particularly somewhere around 70, is that you can be playing a near-on perfect game, with every single square on the board flagged or revealed, but still be unable to proceed due to the new lines on the bottom having too many gaps built into them already. (I’ve had this happen only once or twice so far, but I suspect it’s because I’ve seldom had that ‘perfect game’ state at such a high level.)

    Possible counter-point: this may mean you just need to play faster, earlier, since I believe new lines appear at the bottom on a timer, not based on how many pieces you’ve dropped.

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