Indie Bundle Bundle

With five hours left to go on the (excellent as usual) Humble Android Bundle, a day left for the (alright if you happen to like the selection) Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle, and likely weeks more of the (bizarrely uneven) Indie Gala 2, the most exciting bundle in town is probably the one that just launched: Groupee's Be Mine Bundle. If you have a PC, a $1 min. bid will get you The Ball (intriguing First Person Puzzler), BEEP (cute WALL-E-resemblant robot platformer), Sideways New York (2-d graffiti platformer mapped onto a 3-d world), Xotic (first-person alien shooter), and Wasteland Angel (arcade driving shooter).

The Humble Bundles, while great, always seem to include games of such high notoriety that there’s a good chance you already own them.

This is the first in which an outright majority of the games are ones I’d been explicitly meaning to try out one day, with the other 40% not looking so shabby (though maybe outside of my wheelhouse).

[Update: it looks like the site was already taken down by heavy traffic. I’m going to hit post anyway; I’m sure it’ll be back up momentarily.]

  1. [Further update: Looks like they’ve announced the site will be down until tomorrow at 9am PST / noon EST. Serves them right for announcing an exact time of launch, I guess, but aren’t they making the exact same mistake a second time?]

  2. [Further further update: Looks like they’re now estimating some time on Friday for their transfer to the new servers to be complete. They wildly underestimated the demand, it seems.]

  3. Finally went live some time in the last 12 hours.

    Added game (for reaching fundraising goal #1): Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, a point-and-click adventure.
    Added DLC for Xotic.

  4. Too many bundles, I’m starting to think. Humble‘s doing a pay-for-three-games-made-in-a-weekend to donate to charity, with the interesting twist that you’ve got streaming video of the Mojang and other devs working on them.

    Game dev looks hard.

  5. I hear you, but if they’re financially successful for the game devs (and I’m not sure if they universally are?*) then it seems sort of like saying ‘I’m starting to think there are too many Steam sales.’ But it’s definitely getting to the point where each one isn’t really newsworthy (I say sheepishly after making two bundle-related posts this week).

    *I remember seeing a complaint by one of the participants of an earlier Humble bundle, but I think theirs was a game offered as an after-the-fact bonus, and who knows how those deals are struck.

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