1. Bonus video with some stuff that might make it into the game in future (watch to the end for some impressive mudcrabbery).

  2. Despite entreaties from a friend to give it a shot, I’ve been thus far resisting Skyrim’s 100+ hour lure (I only played the previous one through the tutorial; medieval high-fantasy doesn’t inherently interest me; I’m skeptical of the random quest-generation; it lacks the sort of discovery of world-building through exploration that was the main thing I found so compelling about Fallout 3).

    That said, here’s a youtube user showing off Valve’s official Skyrim mod adding Portal 2’s Space Core to the game, with some evidence that more is likely to come in that vein (the mod is called “Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1“), including, discovered through the console, a “Portal 2 quest.”

  3. “Total War : Skyrim.”

    I’d buy that.

  4. nobody said : That said, here’s a youtube user showing off Valve’s official Skyrim mod adding Portal 2′s Space Core to the game

    Just installed that last night. I picked up the Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind pack from Steam a couple of nights ago, for the convenience of having all three on Steam. The Steam Workshop automatic mod manager dealy works pretty damned well, and transparently.

    If you like Fallout 3, you really oughta try Skyrim. I’m not a big fantasy fan myself, but it’s pretty great.

  5. As the recommendations to do so keep piling up, I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually.

    I’d like to read this article about the advantages of playing Skyrim at one’s own pace, but apparently there are spoiler-warning-worthy spoilers in the very first paragraph.

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