Double Fine Adventure

Hot on the heels of newfound hope for Psychonauts 2, Double Fine announces a new project led by Tim Schafer, a point-and-click adventure game being funded via Kickstarter. A list of "premium" pledge rewards has also been posted, including, at the $150,000 level, one of the last four remaining Triangle Boxed Day of the Tentacles in original shrink-wrap, from Tim's personal collection.

The entire process will also be filmed for a documentary by 2 Player Productions, the company responsible for the currently-in-development Minecraft documentary.

  1. It’s Schafer Happy News Week! Good stuff, too, because he’s a Very Swell Fellow.

  2. Oh, my. I was thinking of posting this here today when I stumbled across it yesterday evening (but had already just posted about MIRRORMOON, which is totally worth 15 minutes of your time). At that point it had raised a little over $100k. As of this point, it has now well-surpassed its goal with almost $500k raised and 11 thousand backers. Wow. I believe that’s all in the first ten hours alone, and there are still 33 days to go. At least one person so far has pledged over $10k. Because the higher rewards are off-site, it’s unclear whether up to 7 others may have as well.

  3. Update: I didn’t realize that first image on the Kickstarter page is actually an embedded video. Utterly charming!

  4. And they just broke a million dollars, which is a new record for a Kickstarter project.

  5. This is a pretty huge thing, actually. One of the greatest things that’s happening in gaming these days is that new models that liberate creative teams from the Iron Fist Of The Corporations — whether it’s the Minecraft model or this kind of thing or the huge exposure that Steam can give an indie game, or the Humble Bundle and others like it — are emerging, and it’s a better time to be a PC gamer than it has been since pretty much ever.


  6. Update: Notch writes up a small blog post laying out what has and hasn’t happened thus far. He also tells the internet to lay off the hype a bit, lest he stop making such musings public.

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