1. I love the silly things that happen in Elder Scroll games. I say this as a lore nerd who has enthusiastic conversations with other lore nerds about various minutiae of ES history. I don’t really feel its immersion breaking. Even some scripted stuff is exceptionally silly.

    First example that comes to mind is in the wilderness not far from the starting area in Morrowind, you watch a wizard plummet from the sky to his death, and on his person you find scrolls that increase your jumping ability by 1000 for about 5 seconds. If you make the poor decision to try out this scroll yourself, you rocket off hundreds of meters away, however the buff ends before you land and you die in a rather dramatic fashion.

    My point being, ES is a game of very magical nature. Demigods run rampant, toying with and tormenting mortals unrestrained. If immersion breaking is the worst thing ever, it’s not that hard to justify anything with errant magic and/or Daedra having fun at your expense. Personally I have no issues with laughing hysterically at a goat being rocketed into the

  2. (Sorry, cat leaped on the keyboard and managed to hit the keypresses to submit. I don’t see an edit function.)

    Personally I have no issues with laughing hysterically at a goat being rocketed into the horizon and then immediately jumping back into a more serious questline.

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