1. OK, can’t let this one go. As much as I usually love Splash Damage and have evangelized for their games over the years, fuck this guy. Let’s give Brink a better postmortem than “oh, well obviously Americans are too narcissistic to grasp the deepness of our team based concepts” or whatever:

    *Advertised as: fast, open, and parkour-y. Delivered as: slow, claustrophobic, not a lot of places to use the “SMART system” strategically or effectively.

    *Being perceived as a “Bethesda title” hurt a bit, I think. People in turn expected more Bethesda-style customization. Witness how blindsided SD were by the whole “Hey, why can’t I make a female character?” controversy. As makers of war-sim manshoot-type games, I guarantee they never really thought it would be an issue. Anyway, not really their fault but still it led to different expectations.

    *Shitty AI. BIG letdown here, after Quake Wars featured some of the best bots ever made for an objective/class based shooter. Very obvious John Dean wasn’t involved this time around. Their “but it’s designed to scale with your skill level!” excuse doesn’t fly either, when single player is essentially just multiplayer with bots and SD was touting how the AI will drop in and out of MP games as “real” players leave and no one will even notice. They noticed.

    There were other issues too (lag, etc) but I do hate to kick SD too much when they’re down, as the style of game they make is my personal favorite and I hope their next one will be more in keeping with the high standards of Quake Wars and Enemy Territory and the maps they made for RtCW. This dude’s comments sap a little of that hope, though, sadly…

  2. Yeah, this guy was being way, way too easy on himself, I think.

    Brink really could have been a great game, but it was so badly flawed in terms of so many key aspects of actual game design that it was at best mediocre.

    It’s a shame — so many of us had high hopes for it — but it was pretty catastrophically disappointing as delivered.

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