Well, that's interesting. "If we could force people to always be connected when you play the game, and then have that be acceptable, awesome. In the end, it’s better for everybody."

id Software's Tim Willits is, I agree, completely full of shit.

Dark days for Big Studio Games and we, the stupid bastards who pay for their Product, friends. Me? I suggest we start denying them the cash that fuels their megalomania.

  1. This is the kind of thinking that can only come from people who never step out of their urban bubble. The ability to take my laptop to a remote mountain village in North India and keep playing is often a decisive factor, but I assume people like me (and the folks living in that village, who all buy ringtones!) are no longer seen as viable customers. Worse, with over 300ms of latency to most game servers from here in South Delhi (once of the best places to be in the country for fast domestic internet), playing most online multiplayer games is out of the question.

    But if I don’t buy these games, is that enough of a lesson to them? What do they learn from my binary buy/no buy decision? From experience, they assume all Indians are cheapskate pirates.

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