1. I may be alone in this, but I absolutely HATED Braid. I didn’t enjoy playing it at all. It screamed “Lookit me, I’m so smart and different!” with every twist of gameplay. I know, I know, it’s a staggering world of transcendant game design genius and I should bow down before Jonathan Blow’s majesty and cheer his sneering at shiny surfaces and willingness to push games in a new and more challenging direction. And I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing, and I hope The Witness sells a bazillion copies.

    But it’s not for me, I can already tell from the previews. While I love exploration in games, these previews convince me that this is the kind of game I’ll fiddle with for an hour or so, get stuck, and never play again. It sounds like unless you grasp the underlying system, unless you grok the game’s grammar, it’s an unlockable puzzle. There is A Right Way, or there is no way. I prefer a multiplicity of possible solutions. The whole set-up of The Witness reeks of a labored artificiality that irks me at some fundamental level.

    Maybe I’m too dumb to appreciate it. That’s entirely possible (OK, probable). I DO require a bit of handholding. I DO need easy mode and tooltips. I DO have a short attention span. I DO want games that welcome me in. My life is filled with enough closed doors and insolvable puzzles. I’m not going to pay to add more to the pile.

  2. While I love exploration in games, these previews convince me that this is the kind of game I’ll fiddle with for an hour or so, get stuck, and never play again.

    I dunno, from what I read, it seems as if you get stumped by something you can go poke around elsewhere and still muddle through without ever solving the one that stumped you (a couple of the previews mentioned that you only need to complete 5/7 of the “sets” to get to the end).

  3. The Joystiq link is borked, FYI.

  4. while we’re at it, some more have been added:

  5. Giant Bomb

    also, in the Giant Bomb one:

    Though Blow said that the puzzles that we saw in The Witness are essentially finished, the game is still a year away


  6. I think I would like Jonathan Blow’s games more if they weren’t Games By Jonathan Blow.

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