Diablo III: No Mods, Online-Only, Cash Trades

Title says it all. I'm most intrigued by the real money auction house. I'm opposed to money giving better off individuals an advantage in videogames, but giving players the ability to make money through the in-game system is a novel idea outside MMOs.

  1. To add to the ridiculousness, the game also can’t be played across regions with players in other countries. So I can’t team up with my friends back in England.

    No mention on if Canada counts as “other countries” to the US.

  2. Starcraft 2 was already sign enough for me that Blizzard is no longer Blizzard.

  3. As long as I can play in SP mode, these things are tolerable * draw a line in sand*

  4. Ugh. I live in a country with metered Internet. This sucks.

  5. Runic Games must love this news.

  6. yea, the more I read and hear about D3, the more depressed I get…

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