Exclusive Interview with SWEDISH NURSE TROOP 141!

The Rollicking Pulp Magazine Covers of Trenched "The loading screens for Double Fine's triple-fine Xbox Live Arcade mech game Trenched are spot-on parodies of early 20th-century pulp magazine covers. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they go by too quickly to be properly enjoyed. Double Fine kindly provided all but one cover [to Kotaku] —that one had a spoiler— so that you can chuckle at their overt manliness at your leisure."

  1. It is some nice work, glad they put them up.

    Because yeah, in game it’s kind of maddening; they made all these nice funny pulp covers, and then each one gets like three seconds of screen time to go with a wee little bit of narrative blurb, just one cover after another plopping down during the terse exposition. Like watching someone do a speed run through a powerpoint presentation with too-busy slides, except for the part where you’re at a business meeting instead of blowing things up with walking tanks.

  2. Yeah there’s plenty of empty space on the ship deck, it’s not like it would have killed them to just stick a pile of them in a corner somewhere so you could peruse them at your leisure (and they could even limit it by the ones you’ve unlocked so far). Trenched is pretty great though. I can’t bring myself to pay for XBL Gold, but I got to play some coop during the July 4th/Canada Day free weekend and Trenched had me somewhat tempted.

  3. My only substantial complaint about Trenched is that there’s not enough of it. Which deserves a couple of asterisks, because for one thing it’s not a $60 title and has given me more than sufficient bang for my actual buck, and for another there will like as not be content drops.


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