The rumour surfaced earlier this week, and the idea's been bandied about for a while, but it's finally happened: with the latest Uber Update, Team Fortress 2 has gone free to play FOREVER.

Valve’s Robin Walker assured that Team Fortress 2 would only be monetised by microtransaction payments.

No advertising model will be pursued, Walker said. No premium subscription model will be used. No cynical “pay-to-win” options will be implemented, he assured.

A few games have switched to a free-to-play model, most notably MMOs like Lord of the Rings Online. Old first-person shooters have been spit-shined and turned into F2P games as well, like Quake Live and Battlefield Play4Free (built on a modified version of and containing content from Battlefield 2).

  1. aaand my poor reading comprehension has led me to make a DOUBLE POST. Sorry! Please remove, mods.

  2. All good — it was speculation before, but IT IS REAL now.

    Valve continues to do this stuff right, and gently correct course when they get it wrong. I have railed against the cynical bullshit that EA (and, surprisingly, id) are pulling with their ‘free to play’ offerings. Team Fortress 2 is an evergreen game, and I am 100% in support of their efforts — community-created content is rewarded and the creators are compensated for it, all items and goodies (with some very few exceptions, like the for-Japan-quake-charity items) drop ingame and you can just pay for them if you really want them, nobody is being exploited, and it is being given away, unrestricted, with no pay-to-get-more element at all — that’s doing it right, and following the Valve mantra of providing service to their customers first and foremost, not treating them like cash machines.

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