1. The first link is worth a look to see if you share my unease at an event like D-Day being recreated by a massive paintball event, yet like me have no problem with Company of Heroes or Memoir ’44, which simulate the same events without any unease. I have no idea why they’re different – or indeed if they are.

  2. The question I keep coming back to is: how much of our objections come from the medium and how much from the message? How should society present war and its consequences?

    From the article:

    I find it hard to believe I’m the only wargamer that has ever slipped a bookmark into a moving combat memoir or watched the credits roll on a harrowing war documentary, and pondered whether an hour or two of Combat Mission or Close Combat is really an appropriate response to what they’ve just read or viewed.

    This isn’t, I think, an issue specific to video games, or even to games in general. Could the same not be said of watching a fictional movie set in wartime or reading a novel that depicts a war? Media of all sorts have portrayed war and violence. Many of those depictions have been objectionable. I find it hard to flip between pro-war youth literature from the 1910s, knowing that it probably convinced at least one person to enlist and eventually to die, not knowing what they were committing to. I do do not exempt video games: I find, for instance, the most recent Call of Duty(s) objectionable on a visceral level. But I think it is unfair to single out video games, simply because they’re the new kid on the block.

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