1. The Bayonetta article was nice, but I really liked the Mass Effect 2 stuff a bit further down the page. It might just be cause I just finished my first playthrough of ME2 this weekend, but I really enjoyed reading those articles.

    Related: Dinosaur Comics on the male gaze

  2. I sometimes feel guilty about how often I praise Bayonetta on Metafilter, since it’s such a progressive site. But mechanically, it’s so amazingly tight and enjoyable that I can’t help but love it. If they’d replaced her with Gene from God Hand or Dante from Devil May Cry I’d still enjoy it.

    And apologies to the blogger, who I like, but I do see Bayonetta as empowered. She’s on top of every situation. Her only equal in the game is Jeanne, another woman. The only male characters are constantly mocked and humiliated. The dance sequence they play is sexist, but it serves the same function as the dance sequence in Buckaroo Banzai. It’s the coda, the ending, to the game. While you’re in the game you’re usually too busy dealing horrific death to watch Bayonetta.

    The torture attacks on the female enemies are horrible, though.

  3. Damn. How have I not encountered this blog before?

    Thanks Mr. Wonderchicken.

    And I think she was spot on WRT ME and ME2. There was a lot of good stuff in both games, but there was a lot of bad too. Bioware is trying, and that’s great, but they also need some constructive criticism too.

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