"Nobody wants to be the videogame guy. Or, more to the point, nobody wants to talk to the videogame guy. And, worse than that, I’m the videogame guy who thinks they’ve an interesting enough topic for a doctoral thesis. In dinner party stakes, I’m only a few steps up from the editor of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Philosophy or someone who writes Star Wars fan fiction."

  1. I’ve had the otherwise artsy and open-minded mother of a friend reduced to body-shaking tears of laughter that lasted so long that her husband was felt it necessary to apologise to me.

    Heh. The same thing holds true for adult gamers as well. When people at work ask me what I am planning on doing next weekend, I have a hard time saying, “Well, I’m thinking about tackling the Portal 2 co-op missions if I can find someone from my online gaming community that will join me.”

    Also, anyone want to tackle Portal 2 co-op this weekend?

  2. “I mean, I get that video games are non-things. I guess I should turn my back on this industry that makes more money than the movie industry yearly or, you know, shuts down entire countries for new releases. You’re right. It’s clearly not part of our culture, nor has it created any sort of meaningful experiences ever, and I shall put childish things away.

    “How’s your thesis on Twilight coming?”

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