1. I’m pretty new here, so I’m sorry if this is out of place, but can we refrain from posts of this nature that end in a question mark? Because the title of this post, when put as a statement, is, “We don’t know what it’s called yet.” In fact, from TFA,

    What remains unclear is exactly what the company will call its latest venture into console production.

    But the article did say this:

    On Tuesday morning, Nintendo will announce its new gaming system to the world.

    So let’s meet back here on Tuesday morning, General America Time, and discus.

    And if I’m being a dick, I apologize.

  2. @kosmosxipo Everyone’s new here — the site’s new. But if this is the place for meta-discussion, if you feel it’s warranted.

    For my part, though, any posts that I don’t make myself are welcome at this stage, and I think it might be a bit premature to start with the MeFi-esque overthinking.

  3. @stavrosthewonderchicken Noted. I’ll turn down my posting bar from “MeFi standards.”

  4. I personally think they should have called it wII (that’s a lower case w with two capital i’s.)

  5. I think it is a GREAT idea. It will resonate perfectly with the 30-40 year-olds who grew up calling the NES “Nintendo” and who are now buying video games for themselves and their kids.

  6. We could start calling the games “tapes” like Our Collective Mothers did. Tapes for our Nintendos.

  7. In another twenty years, they’ll do what grandparents were doing when we were growing up on the NES and call their new console the Nintendo Playing The Mario.

  8. So it’s been unveiled: PowerPC CPU (like its predecessor and the other 2 consoles), ATI graphics (rumor has itit’s based on the AMD 4000 or 5000 series), so pretty similar to Xbox 360, and those… controllers.

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