1. @kosmosxipo You somehow managed to post without including a link at all, which is kind of the whole point. I will repair.

  2. [Ah, you added in a URL but no anchor text for it. No worries. Fixed]

  3. Has this been on the Green before? If it not, it should be.

    It’s on my desktop. Every few months I try and play it, but I never get far. Still great. Can’t wait for XBLA.

  4. The green? Now I’m just confused…

  5. @stavrosthewonderchicken I have no idea how I did that. Thanks for the fix.

  6. @lovecraftinbrooklyn It looks like it was posted on the Blue back in 2009. I can’t remember what turned me on to this like three days ago, but I don’t think it was MeFi. I really want to say JHarris, but probably not.

  7. er, I mean the Blue. sorry.

    JHarris would make sense, since Spelunky is a Roguelike platformer.

    Kinda odd paying money for something I have for free, but I find games are easier to play on my XBox.

  8. It seems like a cool idea, but I didn’t really like the interface/controls. Seemed… unnecessarily clunky.

  9. @sdoleck Yeah, I’m hoping this makes it over to the PSN at some point so I can play it with a controller.

  10. @everyone who finds the keyboard insufficient — If you have a wired controller hooked up to your PC, you can use that to play Spelunky. Or so I hear; never done it myself.

    Spelunky is one of my favorite games. It hits a near-perfect balance of platformer and roguelike: knowledge of the game and its structure is as important as jumping correctly. When I started playing the PC version was still in development and every month brought new changes — additions and alterations. So in addition to the difficulty now present, you would occasionally run into things that you had never seen before. Potentially things that no one had. There was a sense of meta-discovery on top of the ordinary in-game exploration: what wonders now exist that did not before? I’ve made it to the final level exactly once and died almost immediately. Someday I’ll get back there. Someday, just to see what’s there.

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