1. “He who dies with the most toys, wins.”

    The Infinite Game is Not a Game

    When I am playing Civ IV I am actually navigating infinite universes. When I see that my attack has, say, a 67% chance, and I commit to the attack, I’ll save the game first. I have determined prior to this action that I the game I continue will be in one of the universes in which this attack succeeds.

  2. I recommend Finite and Infinite Games which examines this from a more philosophical angle and reaches the conclusion that the only real game worth being involved in is an infinite one.

    But Carse didn’t have to deal with ‘gamification’. Death to marketing crap, it was crap back when they called it Green Stamps and its still crap.

  3. I think the issue with how the author is looking at it is that from what I could tell, he was talking about gamification being implemented simply for the sake of gamification, and I believe that it has to be designed around a purpose in order for it to have any point. Extra Credits talks about gamification several times, one episode being specifically gamification in education. There was a college professor that implemented an experience system instead of a normal grading system and reported that students applied themselves more and overall grades were higher.

    Here’s the episode in case there was any interest in seeing it:

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