Gamefilter Was

April 2014 Update

I'm not going to overpromise, but I think GFi might just be coming back. Stay tuned...

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...

Even though Metafilter niche-subject clones have a long and storied history of failing, I thought maybe I would give it a shot, and Gamefilter was born. Gaming wasn't really a thing at Metafilter at the time, and MefightClub, though thriving, required membership to participate.

At The Time

When I launched GFi, there were very few gaming-related posts at Metafilter. Oddly, the very existence of Gamefilter seemed to result in more gaming posts at Mefi, which I hadn't really expected. Or maybe it was just the success and growing acceptance of MefightClub as an offshoot community of MeFi. Whatever the reasons behind it, the rationale for GFi's existence has pretty much evaporated.

Feed Succeed, Accept Fail

Gamefilter never really did get the traction I'd hoped it would, and MefightClub continues to grow and thrive. So I think it's best -- especially given my limited time to work on webstuff these days -- to focus my energies where they can do the most good, and accept that not every project is going to succeed.

I Love You All

I thank everyone who has participated here and tried to make it a success. You are all awesome.